Misteri Tumbuhan Yaje, Gerbang ke Dunia Supranatural

Ilusi setelah memakai yaje / fractalenlightenment.com
Yajé (or ayahuasca) is the liquid essence of a psychoactive jungle vine, which,  prepared with other plants, is used by the native peoples of the Amazon basin in shamanic healing ceremonies. Guided by the visions it produces, the Indian shamans are able to discover and work on the hidden causes of illness, which (with the exception of simple injuries, common colds and the like) are thought to come from negative influences in the spirit world. Among others, these include the patient’s contact with troubled or malignant spirits of plants, animals or dead people; intentional black magic; troublesome human sentiments, such as envy or inter-family rancours; and a sort of karma in which the patient is paying for past misdeeds.
Suku indian di Amerika, khususnya di Amazon selalu memiliki dukun-dukun sakti yang bisa menyembuhkan penyakit, bahkan meramal masa depan. Misteri ini bertahun-tahun diteliti oleh ilmuwan mencari penyebabnya.

Ternyata ada satu tumbuhan yang bisa membuat seseorang mengalami halusinasi dan mengantarnya ke gerbang supranatural. Tanaman ini adalah sejenis anggur rambat yang oleh para ahli botani disebut Banisteriopsis caapi.


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